Cost Effective Systems 

But IT Infrastructure is so expensive!

Working with Inno-I has many benefits, one of these is that in general, there will be significant savings to the cost to deliver IT infrastructure services to your organization. Here's why:

  • Easily Scaled Costs: Cloud systems are billed on per user / per month basis so we can easily scale up and down the costs as your businesses shrinks and grows. This is especially useful for dramatic changes where traditional systems might be cost prohibitive for quick, shot term size increases (e.g. a higher demand during the holidays or shock large contract)

  • Economies of Scale: We buy in bulk and have excellent relationships with vendors so we get great pricing which we pass on to you our clients. 

  • Less Real Estate: With no servers and storage there is no need for a large server room any more. Just a small wall rack for the basic network equipment. No need for AC either! This frees up expensive office space that can be used more efficiently or even removed completely. Some clients might even do away with office space altogether (and have staff work from home) or opt for a greatly reduced hybrid office / home office setup. 

  • No more big upgrades: Cloud systems are upgraded over time by the vendor so no need to budget for big upgrade projects. The only IT costs to worry about are your monthly fees and upgrades of end user devices ( e.g. laptops and cellphones) as required.