Migration Process

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How do we get there?

Inno-I uses state-of-the-art migration tools to migrate all your data and systems to new systems supplied and supported but Inno-I. This provides a number of benefits:

  • Any issues with your core systems will be eliminated as the old systems are left behind with just the data and some configuration migrated over

  • The systems that Inno-I provides are designed to work seamlessly together providing a cleaner and more efficient client experience.

  • Most (if not all) the client devices will be rebuilt with the latest version of Microsoft Windows to remove any issues with these systems too.

  • Inno-I staff complete a review of the existing client infrastructure determining what systems and software are currently in place.​

What is the process for migration?


Prior to any work being carried out, we will spend time with you and your key staff to understand how you currently work, what are your key processes and systems and how you would like to work in the future. 


Once we have this information we will produce a proposal outlining the results including the suggested roadmap to migrate to the new systems including an estimated timeframe and costs (limited to some new hardware e.g. end user devices and data migration). At this point we are still in discussion and likely we will make changes together to ensure everything looks perfect before any works commences. 


Upon approval of the final proposal, all your systems are migrated into the new systems. While the existing systems will be supported during the migration, the intent is to migrate into the new systems as soon as possible getting you the benefits as quickly as possible. 

Inno-I now has complete understanding and control of all the new systems and you can now enjoy their stable and advanced systems.


​Should the client wish to leave Inno-I for any reason, the data and systems are all controlled by the client. Inno-I will be happy to help transfer as required.