Improved Efficiency

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Can we work more efficiently?


Nearly all the systems supplied by Inno-I systems are cloud based and designed to work together in a seamless fashion. Going this path has a number of efficiency based benefits

  • Integration with Single-Sign-On (SSO) where possible: You just need to remember a single password for most systems. In fact, sometimes it just takes the password directly from your computer!

  • No more need to use a VPN to access work systems: Everything is accessible through secure web / HTTPS traffic either through a dedicated application or a web browser.

  • Easily work from different devices in different locations: Want to work from your cellphone while sitting on the beach? As long as you have internet, work can happen anywhere

  • Less tickets: With all the systems built at the same time and designed to work together there are less issues and less tickets raised. You can just work!

  • Less Downtime: Our goal is to provide systems that are available 24 / 7 allowing our clients to work how they like with minimum downtime. No more outages at the weekend for upgrades or patching with our systems!