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IT Infrastructure Consulting

IT Infrastructure Consulting


Our staff have decades of experience with IT infrastructure supporting companies from small businesses all the way up to multi-national corporations. They have also worked on both sides of the IT infrastructure equation: working for support providers and as internal IT resources so they understand your pain points.

How is Inno-I different from other IT Consulting companies?

Inno-I is not in the deployment or sales business, so there are no hard sells nor suggested vendors. Recommendations made as part of any work will be as agnostic as possible. This includes working on solutions that could be supported by internal staff, an outsourced company or even a hybrid approach of some in-house and some external IT staff. You will find deliverables that provide actionable information in a format that is easy to read and understand. 

We can even help fill your in-house IT staff needs via our Inno-R recruiting team. 

How do we tell if you are right for us?

Great question! First of all, let’s have a chat when we can get to know each other. No pressure and nothing too technical, you can ask all the questions you like.



Expert Staff

Our staff come with decades of experience. At no point will you be dealing with anyone with less than stellar knowledge in IT infrastructure. 

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Simple Pricing

All our consulting services are priced simply and concisely. This includes clear explanation of the deliverables you will receive. 


Secure by Design

Security is paramount within IT systems. Any advice given will be with security as a top priority 

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