Managed IT Infrastructure

Managed IT Infrastructure


Our staff have decades of experience with IT infrastructure supporting companies from small businesses all the way up to multi-national corporations. They have also worked on both sides of the support equation: working for support providers and as internal IT resources so they understand your pain points.

Rather than try and support multiple clients disparate systems, the Inno-I method is to migrate all systems into a common, cloud-based, state-of-the-art stack of solutions.

Why are Inno-I different from other managed IT Services companies?

All our systems are designed to work together giving the best security and making them easy to use. Typically, this means a single sign on allow access to multiple systems with one username and password (and of course multi-factor authentication). Security comes first!

All our clients run the same core software stack meaning there are economies of scale both in purchasing and support. We pass these savings on to you!

Also technical issues are always dealt with by technical staff so no transferring of tickets between people. You get the right person right away. 

Unfortunately, not all potential clients are a fit for this type of system. We will quickly be able to tell from our free initial consultation if your requirements will work with our product set.

How do we tell if you are right for us?

Great question! First of all let’s have a chat when we can get to know each other. No pressure and nothing too technical where we can get to know each other and you can ask all the questions you like.

If this goes well, we typically like to do a technical review of what you have and produce a more detailed and accurate pricing. 

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Easy Migration Process

Easy and efficient migration process using modern migration tools leaving the client with a whole new system.


Secure by Design

All our systems are priced to be secure out of the box and provide a layered approach protecting you business at every level. 



All the systems provided are easy to use with up-to-date features allowing to work more efficiently. 


Expert Staff

As all our clients run the same core products, our staff are experts in them and can handle more tickets with less technicians.


Cost Effective

With all systems in the cloud there is no longer need for costly software and hardware upgrades every few years. It also frees up valuable office space.

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Simple Pricing

There is a single, fixed cost per staff member which includes all core software licenses, security and back up tools.