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Building a Talent Pipeline

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

One of the most important aspects of recruitment is creating and nurturing your candidate pipeline. A pipeline is a proactive recruitment strategy meant to speed up the selection and hiring process by identifying suitable candidates before they are needed. Candidates are pipelined because their skills, experience, and traits match a particular role for which there is no immediate hiring need. This essentially improves the quality of the candidates since they are pipelined because of their skills rather than an urgent hiring need.

Recruiting pipelines are a way to visualize your hiring process across time. Each pipeline corresponds to one job. Candidates enter your hiring process from one end and, stage by stage, the more qualified candidates progress through the pipeline until one person is hired. Candidates can be added to your pipeline in various ways. One option is by sourcing them, which includes candidates you are connected with on social networks such as LinkedIn, suggested by external recruiters, or referred by existing employees. There are also candidates who join your pipeline after they apply for your advertised jobs. This is useful when you have a few great candidates but decide to progress with only one. Should you be hiring again, it’s easy to go back to that position and view disqualified candidates at the most advanced stages. Recruiting pipelines help you shape your hiring processes and improve your hiring efficiency, especially since they can easily be synced to your ATS or HRIS.

At Innosphere, we have been building our pipeline for the last 5 years, both sourcing and nurturing our clients as they remain in our pipeline. Meaning we know these people in our network and they also know us! In the year of 2021, the post and pray tactic no longer works. Recruiters can no longer wait around for the perfect candidate to come to them. Over the last 5 years, any candidates we have placed or hired internally have been handpicked from our network. Today our database is filled with 20,000 Techies ranging from Software Developers to Project Managers, to UX Designers. Essentially, the way that it works is, when a client requests a candidate, we directly communicate with the people in our network as we have been nurturing our relationship with them since they have been added to our pipeline. We aim to connect with members in our database every six months for a check in. This is a great time for us to see how they are doing, their current job status, and any upcoming plans or goals in the near future. Our pipeline is one of quality and so when a client requests a candidate, it doesn't take us long to go through our database and let you know whether we have a match. Instead of wasting your time, we will let you know right away if we do not have anyone available.

Creating and nurturing our pipeline has played a major key in our journey at Innosphere Recruiting. It has allowed us to place the right candidates in the right roles both internally and externally. In this new candidate market, proactive recruitment strategies are vital to your organization and team’s success.

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