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How Innosphere Manages Their Remote Employees

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

As our company found itself transitioning into a remote environment, it became essential for Innosphere to adopt an effective performance management system. A performance management system, for those who may not know, is a system that is designed to help HR and Management convey clear expectations of their employees, holding them accountable to their goals, performance, and duties.

Since implementing the 15Five system, the way in which I work has definitely changed. Not only does the tool keep me on track and in-line with my goals, it also encourages me to perform with the intention to grow at both a professional and personal capacity. At times, it can be difficult for us to prioritize our personal development simultaneous to our professional development, however, working at Innosphere has taught me that it is not only possible but imperative. When I say that it is imperative to prioritize both professional and personal growth, I mean- if you are working towards developing at a professional level, but are neglecting any kind of personal growth, can you truly develop professionally? Some of the more important qualities of leadership include self-awareness, empathy and integrity which are usually achieved when working on becoming the best version of yourself.

Through 15Five, we are encouraged to have weekly check-ins on our current projects, as well as monthly one-on-ones to discuss trends and review our progress. This is also followed by quarterly reviews to assess our overall performance, objectives, and set our new quarterly goals. By filling out my 15Five form at the end of each week, I am given the chance to address my priorities for the week, discuss what went well the previous week, and bring up any obstacles I may be facing at the moment. These weekly check-ins completed through 15Five help keep my manager in the loop with regards to my current projects and gives them the opportunity to set up a one-on-one meeting so we can discuss any pressing issues. My favourite part of the 15Five form is the space it gives me to give a teammate a high five. There are plenty of instances where our colleagues truly make our day, but we get too caught up in our daily tasks that we forget to show our appreciation. 15Five gives you the chance to recognize a colleague for a job well done as you reflect on your week!

We know that building strong relationships between team members is important for the development of an organization, but we can also utilize 15Five to aid in building relationships between employees and management as well. 15Five is not only for my manager to provide me with feedback, but it offers me the option to provide feedback to my manager as well. To have the opportunity to provide feedback encourages an open communication line between us and ensures satisfaction and growth on both ends. Feedback has always been very important to me, so being able to receive that on a weekly basis has been beneficial to my growth. I am able to better strategize and plan out my work week by knowing what’s been working well, what may need improvement, and whether I might need to redirect my efforts.

Building relationships is vital to every job as it contributes to your overall success at work. 15Five allows you to openly and confidently share ideas with one another, critique them, and then build on them together to come up with the ultimate solution. Engagement is key, not only for the satisfaction of the employees but for your business. Many organizations lose millions each year due to disengaged and unmotivated employees. How can a business succeed with an unsatisfied team? It just won’t do. Peak productivity occurs when employees are happy with their environment. Building strong relationships within the workspace creates a more positive, excitable environment for employees.

While the transition to remote work was smoother than many of us expected, it definitely wasn’t without its hiccups. However, 15five has allowed us to continue to leverage our professional development, feedback culture, and relationship building in order for us to continue to grow in our remote roles.

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