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Retain your Top Talent through Learning and Development

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

I think most of us can agree that living in the era of technology has inevitably impacted our lives. It has given us access to networks, information, and various communities. That is the point of technology. It is here to help and elevate us, while making our lives easier and more fulfilling. Technology, like many things, tends to change and improve and it is important for us to keep up and update the technology we use on a constant basis. I know it can get frustrating; I mean how many times am I going to have to get used to the new Instagram app? But it is necessary. Now looking at technology in a more professional setting, how do we continue to stay updated with new technology and systems? That would be through learning and development. Learning and development is one of the core areas of Human Resource Management. It works on enhancing an employee’s skills, knowledge, and competency, resulting in better work performance, and aligning those goals and performance with that of the organizations'.

So, what does that look like amongst a team and organization? As an employer it is important to identify skill gaps among employees and teams, then develop and deliver training to bridge those gaps. This can be done through any internal resources available to your employees or using outside platforms such as online courses or distant learning from accredited programs. Learning and development keeps your employees both engaged and satisfied, which inevitably generates more profit for your company. According to a 2016 Gallup report, 87% of millennials say learning and development in the workplace is important while 59% of millennials say having opportunities to learn and grow is extremely important when deciding whether to apply for a job and grow within the company. This is essentially known as retention.

Retention is a major challenge for employees but organizations that can maintain a strong workforce are able to save money and time in recruitment. In fact, training and development has become so centralized within businesses that it is often used as a competitive advantage when hiring. Providing opportunities for employees to explore new topics, refine their skills and expand their knowledge can help your team members connect with one another. During these training and development sessions, they will tackle new challenges and lean on one another for various learning opportunities by collaborating with colleagues who have specific areas of expertise.

At Innosphere, we understand and appreciate the importance of Learning and Development. As part of being an Innospherian, we are entitled to $1200 a year for our professional development. That includes courses, conferences, workshops, and training. On our journey to becoming a fully remote work, we have also upgraded our technology and moved to the cloud. For the last 25 years, Innosphere has essentially been a Microsoft-hub, but as time has evolved, so has technology, and with that being said- our team has decided to make a change, transitioning over to Amazon Web Services. Additionally, our team is working diligently to complete their AWS certification for each of their respective roles.

We believe in giving our employees the opportunity to learn and grow by working with new technologies as we continue to evolve. Technology is constantly changing and since we are in tech and consider ourselves to be thought leaders in this space, it is important for us to evaluate our technology from time to time to stay well connected and well informed.

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