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Virtual Interviews are Here to Stay

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

While the ability to conduct virtual interviews have already been in place for quite some time, the pandemic has accelerated the widespread use of video conferencing platforms during the recruitment process. At Innosphere, we have adopted the platform Spark Hire to fill both our internal and external roles. Spark Hire is basically a one-way, live-video software. Essentially, you can set up a list of questions and have the candidate record a video of themselves answering the questions or, you can set the date and time to conduct the interview in real time with the candidate while having the capability to record and pause-recording within the platform.

I interviewed our Tech Recruiter, Maria Alimisis to discuss her experience with virtual recruitment, using Spark Hire, and how all participating parties responded to this shift in recruitment.

1. How has recruiting been during the pandemic?

Innosphere’s response to the transition to a virtual recruitment process made it very easy for us as Recruiters, especially with Spark Hire. We found that the tool saved us time in not having to conduct live-interviews for every single person that applies. Instead of just evaluating a resume, we can see how the candidate communicates and presents themselves through the pre-recorded interviews which ultimately puts a personality to a resume.

2. What do you think are the greatest benefits to using Spark Hire?

I think it adds efficiency to the prescreening process and helps narrow down the pool while looking for the right talent for the role. We want to make sure we’re selecting the best candidates for roles before sending them over to the client. For example, some Job Seekers may add skill sets to their resumes they do not have enough experience in, but you may not know that with a mere resume in hand as people will often tweak their resume to match their resume to a certain job posting. But when using Spark Hire, a candidate would have to verbally explain their previous work experience and various projects worked on, which gives the recruiter more specific insight as to what their experience really looked like. This also gives clients the ability to get a better sense of the candidate’s personality and whether they would be a good fit. It’s a great way to compliment a resume!

3. What are some challenges you have experienced with Spark Hire?

The only challenge we really came across was that some candidates were not familiar with the platform, especially when it came to the one-way interview. However, there were many candidates that found it more relaxing and less stressful because they could record their answers and better prepare for the interview.

4. How have clients responded to using Spark Hire?

The most recent client said that they loved it! They thought it was a great tool, allowing candidates to provide a more personal introduction and an opportunity for them to thoroughly explain why they would like to work for the company. Whenever we send over viable candidates, we make sure we send over the resume with the corresponding video as well as a synopsis of our overall evaluation to save our clients as much time as possible. It’s been very good feedback overall.

5. Are candidates usually receptive to using the platform during the recruitment process?

Candidates that responded back to it were usually the ones that had never experienced a platform like this before and really enjoyed it, feeling as though it was a very new and unique experience. They found it less nerve-racking than an actual interview, which could be good or bad (as eventually you may need to complete a live interview). But most candidates had an overall great experience with the platform.

6. Do you think platforms like Spark Hire are here to stay?

Yes, I think a lot of companies will start implementing it in the recruitment process. It’s always nice to add a face to the name of the person you are communicating with, especially because we currently are lacking in that in-person connection. Being able to see how someone interacts on camera is just a step further than someone communicating through the phone or on paper. You actually get to see them interact, and verbally explain their experience. It’s very personable in a way and you can see how they really are.

If there’s anything we have learned in this last year, it’s that a video conferencing platform is the key to having a thorough and efficient virtual recruitment process. Not only does it compliment a resume, but it gives the virtual recruitment process that human connection and personable aspect. In recruitment, this is just as important.

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