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Inno-R: IT Recruitment

Recruiting: By Innosphere

Innosphere Recruiting assists employers in finding the best technology talent in order to meet their resourcing needs. We provide technology talent and staffing for all roles related to technology companies. This includes Human Resources, Recruiting, Accounting, Finance, Sales, and Marketing.


We offer both permanent and temporary staffing solutions. Innosphere can find a permanent employee for your organization or provide temporary resources. We specialize in remote workers.

Why Use Inno-R?


The post and pray approach to recruiting is not an effective method of attracting top talent because 70% of the global workforce is made up of passive talent who are not actively job searching.  


Innosphere Recruiting uses a proactive approach by developing a candidate network of passive talent in which our Recruiters nurture and communicate with the network on an ongoing basis

How It Works

  1. Our Recruiters work with your Hiring Managers or Human Resource Representative to define your resource requirements.  

  2. They perform a search in our database as well as our socials and reach out to those Technology Professionals that meet  your requirements.  

  3. Candidates complete the pre-screen questions via a one-way video interview and are evaluated by Innosphere before we send videos of the top candidates to you for review.

  4. Selected candidates are then scheduled for a live interview with your human resource representatives and hiring managers.

We provide technology talent and staffing for roles related to technology companies.



Technology and IT: Software Developer, UX\UI Designer, Scrum Master, ETL Developer, Site Reliability Engineer, Business Analyst, Network Administrator, Technical Support, Project Manager, Tester, Test Engineer, QA Analyst

Accounting and Finance:​ Accounting Clerk, Payroll Administrator, Senior Accountant, Controller, Chief Financial Officer

Human Resources: HR Director, HR Manager, HR Administrator, Recruiter

Sales and Marketing: Sales Representative, Business Development Manager, Lead Generation Specialist, Marketing Manager, Digital Marketing Specialist

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