Secure By Design

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Is it Safe?

Security is probably the most important item to consider when selecting an IT solution. Your data is the most valuable asset. Inno-I’s solutions are designed to give you piece of mind at every level:

  • Multi-layers of protection: We provide a layered approach, protecting all the main vectors of ingress to your systems with best-of-breed solutions:

    • Next Generation endpoint protection

    • Advanced email protection of phishing, spam and malware

    • Optional deep packet network inspection from anywhere.

  • Data in Canada: All your data will be stored within highly secure data centers with in Canada. The data is stored in multiple places and is always accessible. ​

  • Access Tracking: All access to your systems is audited to ensure it is monitored and tracked. This includes access by Inno-I technicians. 

  • Multi-Factor Authentication: We heavily utilize Multi-Factor Authentication so that access to your systems is restricted to not only to those with the logon credentials but also a secondary authentication system. 

  • Overarching Monitoring: Additional integrations with a dedicated monitoring system staffed by experts looking for any thing out of the ordinary.

  • Solid Backups: Complete backup of all Microsoft Office 365 data including email, OneDrive, Teams and SharePoint. Easy to recover and full coverage.