Simple Pricing

What is included in the monthly price?


Practically all your core licenses and support will be included as part of a fixed cost monthly single fee. This is a per user price and will vary based on the current number of staff in your organization (so you only pay for what you use). Items included are:

Core licenses

  • Office 365: Business Premium licenses (includes Office, Email, OneDrive, Teams etc). This includes all your file and email storage costs

Security and backups

  • Anti-Spam and Anti-Phishing email systems

  • Premium Anti-Virus for the endpoint devices

  • Full cloud backups of all Office 365 data (emails, files etc)


  • Unlimited support tickets (9 -5, Mon-Fri not including stat holidays)

What isn’t included:

  • Any bespoke software to your business (although we will help set it up and support it)

  • Additional hardware needed (laptops, cellphones or networking equipment)

  • Any internet connection charges (although we can help get you a great deal!)

  • Significant project work (e.g. installing and integrating a new accounts system, that would be extra)